Saturday, 28 June 2014

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Well after making a couple of very large quilts ( which Sue now has the job of quilting!)
I decided to have a go at some smaller projects.  Up popped a free pattern on the Fat Quarter Shop with a tutorial on youtube and inspiration struck!  A Tooth Fairy Pillow.  You put the tooth in one of the sail pockets and the fairy puts the money in the other.

My first pillow was made with fabric I had in my stash.

However, after putting a picture on facebook one of my friends at work said she would like one for her little boy.  Well I just didn't have any suitable fabrics, sooo... yes an excuse for a little internet shopping and I found the perfect combination on Cotton Patch. Storybook by moda that will do I thought and the next day it arrived.
So version two was born.

Well I did buy some more pink in storybook so now we are onto number three!


  1. It's lovely Jane, the tooth fairy had a very bad record of forgetting to leave money in our house, perhaps we should have had one of these pillows to remind us :)

    1. I know, our fairy sometimes was so busy she didn't come for a whole week!

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