Saturday, 7 June 2014

Catching Up!

Well I seem to have been too busy to sew and today was the first chance I have had all week!
First on my list was the blocks for the Wishes Quilt Along.  Having still not done May and June was already out I had two to do. Luckily they were pretty easy and I soon had them finished.

Wishes Quilt Along

Wishes Quilt along2014

Then it was onto my block for the threadbias Hive 8.  This month we were asked to make a purple and grey star.  We were given quite a few patterns to chose from.  I chose a paper pieced hexagon that I haven't tried before.  It looks a bit lopsided to me but when I measure it, it is even so not sure if it is right or wrong.  Oh well it looks quite nice.

threadbias hive 8

Now to get on to finishing all those other projects I started!

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