Thursday, 30 October 2014

Hidden Gem.

Whilst in the UK last week I went to Frome which I assumed was quite a boring place.  How wrong was I, stumbled across a great little street full of fab artisan shops.

Found a lovely fabric shop called  Millie Moon,

A great bead shop called beadz bazaar
beadz bazaar

 coffee and cake shop (well you have to stop for a while whilst shopping!) The guy in here gave me all the history of the street and told me about all the designers.
Various local designers including a lady that does amazing magnetic boards for the kitchen  I wanted to buy one as some of them were half price in the shop but didn't think flybe would let me take it hand baggage!
Click here to view Large Magnetic Boards - Dry Wipe Collection
and a lovely shop called Mary Kilvert,


ooh and a fantastic yarn shop too!


  1. Thank you for your kind comments about Catherine Hill and our shop. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit, come back soon.

    Beyond the Fridge

    1. Amanda I loved my little shopping trip and will definitely be back for one of those big magnetic boards, I love them!