Saturday, 3 May 2014

Thank you Mr Postman

Don't you love it when you order on line then you wait and finally it arrives! Well when I was at the knit and stitch show ages and ages ago I signed up for a new quilting magazine.  £3 for 3 issues - bargain!  Yesterday it arrived along with some fabric I had ordered as I never seem to have that right colour/pattern for my next project!! These are wonderful as they can be used in all sorts of blocks.  (well that's my excuse)


Then this afternoon when I had finished off all my jobs it was time for some sewing and I managed to complete another block for my 4x5 Modern Sewing Bee. This block is for Sara. I hope she likes it!

4x5 Modern Sewing Bee Hive#7


  1. Well if Sara doesn't like it ask her to pass it my way, I think it's lovely :)