Monday, 28 April 2014

This is all new to me!

Well everyone seems to blog these days so it's time to join! Each week I hope to put up pictures of my quilting projects. Today I started Gill's Quilt. Gill is my lovely sister in law and she has chosen the bear-paw block. She really likes a quilt she saw on flikr by Angela Yosten so that gives me a good guide. Vintage Inspired Bear Paw Quilt The fabric she has chosen is Bonnie and Camille's Scrumptious which is lovely. Only problem is I hadn't realised it was going out of stock so I am grabbing all I can find! My first stack arrived today so time to go sew!


  1. I like the blocks you've made so far.

  2. Hi,

    Welcome to blogging, I love being part of the online sewing community and I'm sure you will too. The stuff you make is lovely :)