Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Fat Stash Brit Bee

One of the most exciting things about belonging to a sewing Bee is waiting for that envelope to come through the door at the beginning of the month and finding out what the project is.  This month not only did I get to make a block I have never made before but we got chocolate too!
This is what arrived through the post:

Fat Stash Brit Bee

Only problem was I didn't really have suitable scraps.... so guess what a quick trip over to Sue's and I raided her scrap basket and returned with some great bits and pieces.
It really was a very easy one to do and I seem to have finished it before May has even started!

Fat Stash Brit Bee

and that includes the chocolate!


  1. and it is gorgeous! Thank you!

    1. My Pleasure, it was a fun and easy block. (good choice) Now in an envelope ready to post :)