Thursday, 12 February 2015

Oh no it's February already!

Where did January go?
I'm desperately trying to catch up.
Firstly all my sewing bees were under control till the month changed, then I stupidly went and entered various quilts into the local eisteddfod and I haven't finished them yet.  No panic there then.

So Feb started with my bees
Fat stash brit bee was an easy churn dash and I went a bit mad with the colours and fabrics!
Hope they are ok.

Next was siblings together and I donated an orphan block along with another:

then for the FQR bumbling honeys I was asked to make a more complicated block, which was fun:

and of course I have joined another round of Srappy trip along, two blocks done so far!

 notice I chose the easy colour combinations first!

So... all I need to do now is: finish three more scrappy trips, six modern quilt bees, two blocks for threadbias and that's my bee commitments done till March Oh and of course there is the block a month I started last month!

Then I have to finish my spiral quilting on my Wishes Quilt, then bind it, sort out the quilting on my moda building blocks and add the binding - having decision problems on a fabric for that one and it has to be finished in two weeks time.  Should keep me out of trouble for a while! Do I sound like a mad woman... no don't reply to that just humour me!


  1. Get off the internet and start some sewing. I'm almost ready for the Eisteddfod - labels to be sewn on, one item to collect from the framers and poppers to find and apply.

    1. Oh and I had to go to work for a whole day too! better get off the internet and go spiralling!