Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Blog Hop

Plum and June
A while ago I joined a blog hop and finally it has come good and I am hopping around!
Firstly I apologise this is all new to me and I may get it all wrong but I will do my best.

Onto news.  Well I have been in the UK looking after my sisters cute miniature schnauzers.  They were an inspiration for one of my quilts and I am now making another for an online magazine - sooooo exciting.


The other thing I did whilst I was in the UK was shop for new fabric.
Well I must admit Eternal Maker in Chichester was a hit!  Had to go twice as it had all the new Cotton and Steel and all the possible fabric you could dream of.  Plus they are building a tea shop.  What fabric and cake YUM! The other shop was the quilting shop in Hampton court which was lovely.  Great helpful staff but why oh why was it soo hot in London 30 degrees and melting!

Fabric shopping in chichester

Then today was my birthday. Lots of lovely presents including the Phillipa Naylor book and some money toward one of her courses. 

Plus a lovely gift of some Cotton and Steel (I love it) and some really cute bits and pieces.  I am truly spoilt!


  1. Happy belated birthday Jane!

  2. Sweet quilt and pretty addition to your stash. I think you only missed your day for posting but that can happen. Happy belated Bday!

    1. Yes, unfortunately I was away from home for 10 days with no access to the right email account! Anyway must start visiting some blogs and catching up!

  3. I'm late catching up on blog hop posts so I fit in with you well! Lovely quilts and your new fabric purchases look gorgeous. I really like the stars in your blog header too, beautiful dusky blues.

    1. thank you for your kind comment.

  4. Happy belated b'day- love your doggie quilt! Very cute!

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